I’ve been interested in Photography since JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL!!   My brother and father influenced my interest in photography as well as my decision to purchase Canon cameras.  I learned and goofed around with developing and printing black and white film in the darkroom that we had in our apartment and I worked at a darkroom rental studio in my late teens.

I was the “roaming” photographer for my high school newspaper, the yearbook and for the school’s very popular theatre group.  Some of the school administrators  even let me cut class to take photos for them!!  It seemed I always had a camera around my neck.

I didn’t quite know what I was doing, but it was fun, I really enjoyed it and the pictures came out pretty good!

After college, I gave up the camera and went to school to learn audio engineering in my twenties, massage therapy in my thirties and was simply living life in my forties, there was no time for picture-taking.

Now I find that my excitement for technology and my need for a creative outlet has been fueled by the digital age and all the fun gizmos and software that are now readily available to the non-professional photo enthusiast.

I am learning each and every day  about the craft of photography… and I think I may actually know what I’m doing!!!

I am inspired by the photographers  I meet both in person and in our virtual world and of course by the fantastic pictures that I’m exposed to.

I hope you enjoy some of my photos and will comment.  Feedback is always good to learn and grow from.

Thanks for visiting!!